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Mart Monk is your companion in your journey as a Marketplace. Empowering you to optimize your marketplace, no matter the industry you are in.

Simple yet Powerful tool, perfect for your Marketplace

Once a group of E-Commerce merchants, unable to handle the complexities of a marketplace, reached out to their Tech Guru. The Tech Guru, in an attempt to solve their problem, conducted the ultimate ritual. A ritual which included bringing all their vendors to one place while still keeping the process efficient and simple. The Guru had to make sure they reduced all the hassles of invoicing, while also providing the insights giving way to an enlightened future.

The Ritual ultimately was how Mart Monk was born. Within no time his disciples kept growing spreading about the life altering experience with Mart Monk.

Mart Monk... Simplifying Marketplaces.

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All you need in one place - Simplifying Marketplace


Single Dashboard but end to end functionalities

Manage your vendors’ list, products’ catalogue, customers’ orders and measure performances

All in one dashboard


You can choose from our wide range of reports to analyse your performances on various levels.

New feature

Master Report

What better than getting all your order related data in one report. Line items sold, taxes for each line item, customer details, current order status, vendor name, a lot more.



Automated invoice generation for both customers and vendors. Customer invoices generated for every order as and when the processing gets initiated, while automatically generated a cumulative vendor invoice on a weekly, fortnightly and monthly basis.

Built to Last

What will you get with Mart Monk?

A simplified experience which seemed extremely complex till now

Secure & Independent Vendors' Dashboard

Efficient Customer Support

Targeted insights & Reporting

Automated End to End invoicing

Mart Monk is great for..

40% increased sales

Upto 50% increased efficiency - saving more than 45hours/week

50% Increased profits


Dashboard included

Every thing you need to get started

Allow vendors to manage their catalogs, orders while you can focus on the growth of the business.

Secure and independent dashboards for vendors to manage their catalog and process their orders with a supremely powerful and simplified workflow.

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Do you have questions

Growing with questions about how Mart Monk can help you? Wondering if this is the right thing?

Allow the monk to share his thoughts on some commonly asked questions by other disciples.

With plethora of experience garnered by the team serving more than 500 clients in E-Commerce, there is a profound understanding which bring to the table and which is replicated in the product. From the features to the roadmap ahead Mart Monk would not only Simplify it for you today, but keep doing it in a better manner as time proceeds.
We are proud of our efficiency and diligence towards supporting our clients and we aim to thrive to maintain the same. You can expect a TAT of 24 hours on weekdays, and a response first thing in the week for requests during the weekends.
Currently the go-live period would be 1 week, which would include a complete tutorial for the product, setting up all the configurations as per your needs, integrations (If any) and catalog updation.
Definitely Yes, We thrive to provide the best value to our customers and aim to create the most powerful yet simplifying product there is to enable your growth. We would definitely love to hear your thoughts on the same and you could reach us for the same over here

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